Honestly from everything you're saying here, and the classes used... to be brutally frank I suspect your problem is failing to have ever learned to use HTML or CSS correctly.

That's not on you, that's on these dip**** dub*** F***WIT frameworks and 1990's mindset you've learned from!

If you have classes like "flex" (saying exactly what CSS property to use) or "bg-blue", or "pointer" you are literally undoing 20+ years of progress in how HTML works, and reverting back to HTML and JavaScript that reeks of the WORST of 1997 coding practices!

HTML is for saying what things ARE or WOULD BE in a professionally written document for grammatical or structural reason. This extends not only to your choice of tags but also your classes/id's.

As I often say, there is NO difference between:


In mindset or mentality. A broken mindset or mentality at that. If you’re going to write your HTML and CSS that way, you might as well go back to using font/center, align/bgcolor/size, and those tables for layout everyone seems to so dearly miss.

These things were removed from HTML for a reason, they typically don’t nor should apply to all media targets. I’m so sure your “blue” makes sense for print, or that the large text is so useful on screen readers, braille readers, or teletype. NOT!

If you’re not maintaining the separation of presentation from content by crapping presentational tags into your markup, OF COURSE you’re having a hard time of it. This is why halfwit trash like bootcrap or tailwind are, well…

And honestly, if you’re screwing around changing that many classes from your JavaScript, you’ve utterly failed to divine the purpose of HTML and CSS, and probably shouldn’t even be using JavaScript yet… In the process likely using two to ten times the HTML needed, two to ten times the CSS needed, and megabytes of client-side JavaScript for things that are dimes to dollars none of scripting’s business. At least if you care about usability and accessibility.

Again that’s not on you personally, that’s on this industry where know nothing tools sucker rubes and nubes alike with incompetent trash (like front end frameworks), web-rot dens of scam artists (like W3Schools), and unfounded nonsensical marketing/propaganda BS. (but it’s “easier”, or “better for collaboration”, or whatever other unsupported fairy tale wild claim gets buns in seats!)

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