Your reason for choosing nodeJS is akin to why I stick with PHP on new projects. I like Go, I do... nodeJS less so... and PHP has some serious problems in terms of security and efficiency... BUT

Try finding a hosting plan that doesn't include PHP... now try finding a managed plan that even lets you install node.js, much less GoLang.

Let's say something goes wrong -- in your code or with the server install of the languages. How easy is it to find someone well versed in said languages? Go ends up the low man on the totem pole because there are NOT large numbers of affordable GoLang developers.

IMHO node.js dev's aren't the highest quality (if they were, they probably wouldn't be using JavaScript in the first place), but at least they exist. PHP on the other hand is old hat. You can waltz into any forum and find "experts" in PHP hand-over-fist.

... and just as many know-nothings saying it's a dying language. As if the most popular CMS out there isn't built in PHP, isn't continuing to grow despite being utter junk, and has plans to migrate away from PHP any time soon. Right.

Sometimes it's not about what the best is in terms of performance; if that were true interpreted -- and even compiled -- languages wouldn't exist and we'd all be writing assembly. There are a good number of other factors you have to weigh into the decision.

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