Without a doubt you have illustrated just how mind-numbingly DUMBASS front end frameworks are; specifically in regard to their pointless redundancy and pissing on the HTML by undoing 20+ years of progress and the ENTIRE reason CSS even flipping exists.

A class for every single CSS property so you're slopping all your presentation -- most of which should only be for screen media -- into the markup. Way to COMPLETLEY miss the point of HTML and CSS... and why?

Because apparently people miss tags like FONT and CENTER, attributes like bgcolor, color, size, align, border, etc. and tables for layout.

All these stupid frameworks do is completely undo the entire purpose of HTML, CSS, media targets, and so forth... Dragging development practices back to the worst of the mid to late 1990's browser wars era.

To be brutally frank, if you think stupid broken trash like tailwind, bootcrap, etc, etc, is worth using, you don't know enough about HTML or CSS to be using either! Admit defeat, give up on CSS, and just go back to writing that HTML 3.2 y'all so clearly miss!

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