Why Most Liberals Fail At Fighting America’s Firearm Fetish

Jason Knight
8 min readMay 26, 2022

First up I just want to say I’m a gun owner who’s pro gun control. I’m in favor of waiting periods, background checks, with no exceptions. I’m in favor of extreme penalties for parents who’s children gain access to weapons unsupervised.

Thanks to my stance on this — and indeed many other topics — I have people scream “libtard” at me all the time. Might have something to do with my ridiculing other gun owners for not being able to leave their front porch without their penis extensions.

Therefor what I’m about to say will upset many on the left. To be brutally frank when it comes to the topic of gun control one of the biggest problems is that those opposed to firearms cannot open their traps on the subject without sounding like total, utter, and complete morons.

With the string of shootings the past two weeks, the anti-firearm crowd once again is spewing their broken ignorant rhetoric. Ignorant trash crafted by politicians to make people THINK that something is being done about the problem.

The reality is what’s being done and what people are saying should be done is the equivalent of the mental masturbation that is “thoughts and prayers”.

Simply put, when you have an ignorant, illiterate, ill-educated population, the politicians will either have those flaws or pander to it, resulting in ignorant, incompetent, ineffectual laws.

Let’s go down some of the ignorant nonsense that makes anti-firearm propaganda sound like it was created by drooling idiots.

“Semi-Auto” vs. “Full Auto”

These are not the same thing. Semi-auto means one bullet per pull of the trigger. Full auto means you pull the trigger and it just keeps shooting.

The simple fact that people hear the word “automatic” and knee jerk into thinking it means full auto is stupid. Why is it so stupid? Well…

“Assault Weapon” and “Assault Rifle”

These two terms are — in the way they are used — utter ignorant nonsense. One is actually a thing, the other is arbitrary and pointless.

Assault Rifle

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