Why are you wasting a class on BODY? the BODY tag is a bit like immortals; in the end there can be only one.

But then these days people seem to think that throwing a dozen or more classes at every blasted tag is a good thing, see the broken halfwitted mental enfeeblement that are HTML/CSS frameworks pissing away two decades of progress and dragging things back to HTML 3.2 style methodology.

You should probably also be setting a MEDIA target on your stylesheet LINK, since your screen layout doesn’t make much sense for print, speech, or braille. Remember, no MEDIA attribute on stylesheet LINK or setting MEDIA=”all” is generally a sign of a developer who hasn’t learned enough HTML or CSS to be telling others how to do things.

Big thumbs up though for loading all the scripting right before </body>. That’s how it should be done and usually means you don’t need to screw around with ASYNC like most dev’s who just derp things in any-old-way.

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