When it comes to front end frameworks I've found most claims about them to be bald faced lies.

Take JavaScript frameworks, where I've yet to see a single task done with any of them -- be it the mundane jQuery or the outright dip**** react/vue/etc pissing on accessibility -- do anything that didn't fall into at least one of three categories:

1) Things that HTML and CSS can do just fine on their own without JavaScript

2) Things that would be less code without the framework, NOT counting the size of the framework against it.

3) Things that should be none of JavaScript's flipping business in the first place.

Admittedly 1 and 3 have a lot of overlap.

There's no such thing as "complex UI rendering". UI is flipping simple since content dictates markup, and content + markup + device/user limitations dictates style... PEOPLE make it hard.

But because people ridicule HTML as "unimportant" or "not real programming", refuse to embrace separation of concerns, and in general just shove their head up 1997's backside there's this false perception that it's "complex". Utter and total BULLSHIT!

As evidenced by most UI "frameworks" clearly having been CREATED and maintained by people unqualified to write a single damned line of HTML or CSS. Just look at the source of any bootstrap, tailwind, w3.css, etc, etc, examples.

A situation further exacerbated by the simple fact that if people bothered learning to use semantic markup and separation of presentation (CSS) from content (HTML) from behavioral enhancement (JavaScript) they'd realize that these dumbass "Frameworks" take more time and more resources to build with. Hence if a team is "resource constrained" these frameworks do more harm than good.. AT BEST they mollycoddle people who probably shouldn't be trying to do the job in the first place!

That said, I have ZERO clue what you mean by "domain code"... or what business to business has to do with anything.

Though when it comes to in-house business crapplets and data exchange I do often see a lot of complex, convoluted, broken, inaccessible trash slopped together by scripttards who overthink the answer to every blasted problem... oft pissing on their interfaces with JavaScript they shouldn't need, shouldn't want, and generally should be using.

JS for nothing and your scripts for free... that ain't workin', that's not how you do it. Lemme tell ya, these guys ARE dumb.

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