Well, you have to remember that overall, the majority of what goes into "style guides" is one or two people's personal preference, and not actually based on good practices.

THOUGH, the best practice is that if a project is using a style guide, USE IT! The key to style is consistency in a project, not so much the ideas themselves.

That said, SOMETIMES if the ideas are bad practice, we need to step up and say "hey, waitttablastedminute"

It's a problem I have with a lot of tools like "linters", where around 10-20% of what they do is good... and the rest is pedantic crap that whoever made the linter is trying to force their personal whims on everybody. Even when said whims are utter tripe.

See when such tools (or style guides) piss and moan about "yodish"... as if placing the static value in a condition before the dynamic one is some sort of ultimate evil. Pure comedy in JavaScript when most minification systems -- even Google's "Closure" compiler -- will switch your evaluations to that order to milk a few more bytes out of when the minified code is gzipped! Or how they'll complain mindlessly about "you used drop-through on SWITCH/CASE" and it's like "You're damned right I did, one of the whole efficiencies of it over if/else! How the blazes else am I supposed to do an 'or' condition?!?" Then those same clowns will tell you to use two to ten times the code in convoluted objects and separate functions/methods to make it "Easier" to understand as if that's magically "better". What a load of bull.

There's a lot of little flubs like that in both Google style guides and linters. Some of them can be truly annoying as there's this attitude of late amongst people claiming to be "experts" where it honestly feels like what they're really saying is "If I'm too stupid to use it, nobody else should be allowed to."

But then on the whole there's a bit too much "you're too stupid for this" being used to limit what people learn. Look at the bald faced lies framework fanboys use to ever-increase their numbers, They're literally just running around telling people "You're too stupid to use vanilla code"; they just wrap that message in easier to digest soothing-syrup words and propaganda techniques designed to bypass rational thought.

Honestly I don't think anyone is "too stupid" for this stuff, but I do think a lot of people are screaming "wah wah, eye dunz wunna lurn" far, far too often.

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