We have far too much mollycoddling of really bad ideas in development, and this attitude of “demanding respectful behavior all the time” is as much at fault for it as the nonsensical BS propaganda and the snake oil doctors peddling it.

I rank much of these new JavaScript features the same way I do React, vue, bootstrap, tailwind, jQuery — ignorant incompetent GARBAGE vomited up by people not even qualified to write something as simple as HTML, that like all “hot and trendy” media darlings are promoted on little more than bald faced lies, typically built by people unqualified to program in the underlying languages in the first place, and used by people who don’t know enough to realize how epically they have been scammed, bamboozled, saddled up, and taken for a ride.

But no, we can’t actually come out and say that. It’s “confrontational” or might “offend somebody”. Let everything burn so long as nobody says any naughty words.

Then we wonder why companies like the ones I freelance (as an accessibility and efficiency consultant) at are in court getting their asses sued off for accessibility violations, or trying to figure out why their conversions dropped off to nil over the past few years, or wondering why having their IT staff do even the simplest of tasks takes weeks instead of minutes.

It’s because nonsense like “promises” increases code complexity. It’s because the over-use of callbacks in general has resulted in slower bigger harder to maintain code. It’s because mind-numbingly dumbass bull like “arrow functions” have made the code more cryptic, slower, and convoluted. It’s because their staff has never once learned to use the vanilla flavors of the underlying languages properly, and have just blindly copied what “framework developers” and other OUTRIGHT MORONS have done with zero understanding of how it works.

But no, how DARE anyone come right out and say it. That’s too “confrontational”. Plow that thinking.

Oh and it’s X-er thank you very much. It’s so lovely being Gen X. We’re left out of every conversation, half our adult lives the boomers never once gave us a seat at the adult table. And if we’ve ever once had an opinion about anything, we were smacked across the face and told to keep it to ourselves…. then they got angry at us for dropping out of the conversation. We were told to go to college and learn something… no, not that, that “goes against God”. No, don’t learn that, it’s “Liberal thinking”. We were told to get a job. No, not that job, that’s just for “teenagers”. Didn’t you go to college for the same thing millions of others did? Why can’t you find a job in your field? You’re 24 why can’t you afford a house? I owned a house working as an assistant lawnmower repair man. But don’t get a job like that, you’re better than that.

Boomers call us millenials; and millenials call us boomers…

“So… like… whatever…” — the Generation X rally cry.

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