True comedy you went right for the honey pot for your “wah wah, is not” response without posting a single legitimate counterpoint to support your position.

Because of course it takes an “arrogant geek” to expect frameworks made for people who know nothing about HTML or CSS to be written by people qualified to write HTML or CSS. Of course, that’s what’s going on here.

When the people MAKING these SCAMS to take advantage of the nubes and rubes alike who don’t know any better cannot even get something as piss simple as logical document structure right, how can they be trusted for anything else?

Particularly when the results are broken, bloated, slow, and flip the bird at users with accessibility needs. Again you’d think things like the Beyonce and Domino’s lawsuits would server as a wakeup call, but no. That would involve people getting off their asses and doing their jobs properly.

Narcissistic and self centered is these developers who take these alleged shortcuts (that are everything except a shortcut) and tell large swaths of visitors to the sites they incompetently sleaze together to go plow themselves. Arrogant are the people defending these bad practices that take two to ten times longer to work with, deploy two to ten times the code and file counts needed, and makes anyone else who comes in have to learn whatever pet dipshit framework is being sleazed together instead of the single unified underlying languages.

Because building a websites is much like wearing a mask. It’s not about you. It’s about everyone else. Non-semantic markup, violating accessibility norms, failing to maintain separation of concerns, and making everyone else’s life harder, all because “wah wah, eye dunz wunna lurn teh HTML” is where the true narcissistic sociopaths dwell.

But of course, how dare anyone speak out against that, no… giving a damn about the visitors to sites?!? That’s “arrogant, geeky, and narcissistic.”

Of course it is.

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