This is a STUNNING example of npm packages that recreate what already exists in HTML for no good reason... and how people who use mixins generally don't understand enough CSS to realize that all this less/sass/scss crap is taking them for a ride.

And for what? to avoid saying something along the lines of:

font-size:max(1em, min(4em, 5.333vw));

Where 75em max-width (1200px at 16px) / 4em = 0.0533

NOT that one would/should be playing games with font-sizes like this as it ends up being a fist in the face to a lot of users on the larger end...

Implementation also seems to be utter trash given the batshit insane amount of code in its GIT for something this simple. That it seems to use PX as its scaling cutoff not helping matters either.

Probably also not a great idea to fix the height of the flex container to 100% instead of using min-height, just saying.

I swear, it's junk like this that is why most of this dumbasss "NPM ecosystem" is incompetent trash. The people writing HTML/CSS from JavaScript and using these asshat CSS "pre-processors" don't know enough about HTML or CSS to be using JS in the first place.

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