Thing is, those new HTML 5 “structural tags” are dumbass pointless redundancies. MOSTLY to numbered headings and horizontal rules. This is why — in theory — the SECTION tag screws with heading depth, though you can ignore the reset to H1.

If your H1 is supposed to be THE heading (singular) that everything on every page of your SITE is a subsection of, with H2 indicating the start of major subsections of the page, with the first H2 or HR marking the start of your “main” content, and H3 marking the start of subsections of the H2 before it, H4 being the start of subsections before it, H5 and H6 ditto, and even HR being a change in subject/topic where heading text is unwanted or unwarranted — what the hell do we need SECTION or MAIN for?

ASIDE the way people are using it is NOT A SEMANTIC CONCEPT, it’s presentational. If we were to use the semantic/grammatical/professional writing meaning of an aside, where related content to the main content is added but isn’t required to understand the main, THEN it would be semantically proper. Using it because “this is off to one side” is as bunch a steaming pile of presentational BS as CENTER was!

NAV is even dumber — what with the morons who think it replaces UL (it doesn’t), the sheer stupidity of people blindly dumping anchors into it as a run-on sentence to confuse the piss out of non screen-media UA’s, and the only useful part of it — skipping to the main content — Being entirely redundant to the first H2 or HR on a page.

Then we have HEADER, which is redundant to the numbered headings, content between the H1 and first H2, and/or other semantic containers. I see one more derp wrap a numbered heading inside a HEADER tag without doing anything to warrant the presence of that second tag, my boot is going so far up their backside we’ll need an orthodontist to handle the extraction.

FOOTER too is equally pointless, since if you mean the page footer where you have numbered headings, that section of the page is already declared. If they don’t have numbered headings put in a HR, since it means “a change it subject or train of thought” and NOT “draw a line across the screen”.

Don’t even get me started about ARTICLE and how people are throwing it willy-nilly at things that aren’t even articles, much less it being a meaningless distinction from a content-writing point of view.

The real problem being all this crap is just making people write even more markup, as justification for using more tags than are actually needed! A dearly departed friend of mine once joked that “people who used endless pointless tables for nothing now just use endless pointless DIV for nothing”. I’m sure Dan would be utterly disgusted with how all those endless pointless DIV have been replaced with equally pointless ALLEGEDLY “semantic” tags that still bloat out the DOM for zero legitimate reason other than developer incompetence and ineptitude.

No different from the endless pointless presentational classes for nothing ignorant nonsense like bootcrap pisses all over the markup from orbit with.

DIV are semantically neutral, they say “this section MAY receive a style” without saying what that style is. In the same way classes and ID’s should say what things ARE or WHY they might recieve styling, and not what you want things to look like. Hence why class=”text-center box-shadow col-4-s col-6-m” is ignorant incompetent bull created by people unqualified to write a single blasted line of HTML or CSS!

Part of why I say the WhatWG was unqualified to make 4 Strict’s successor, the biggest proof of which being the now defunct HGROUP tag that clearly showed they didn’t even understand what heading depths are for from a grammatical/structural standpoint.

Oh if only the W3C had gotten off their asses and actually worked on that “real” HTML 5 we were promised with less tags (like removing IMG in favor of OBJECT), more emphasis on ACTUAL semantics based on professional writing norms, etc. But it just wasn’t meant to be, instead we got tags that were rejected for being redundant — like EMBED — accepted into the specification, endless new tags that are redundant to old tags, and a bunch of bloated crap that results in a massive nearly impossible to follow specification written in the worst legalese.

Hardly a shock most people out there are vomiting up ten times or more the markup and style needed to do the flipping job!

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