“ The way that helps you quickly and easily find and isolate your styles — is the way to go!”

Which is why SASS, or LESS, or SCSS is the LAST thing I’d be looking at.

The big reason being that when it comes time to diagnose using the document inspector, your server-side editable code bears zero resemblance to what you’re looking at client side. It makes maintenance, learning, and even development harder. Particularly for people coming into existing projects.

Pretty much all the features’ you’re holding up as good, I hold the exact opposite opinion of. They make you work harder, not smarter.

Though realistically if you have enough CSS for things like CSS pre-processors to offer any actual benefits, you likely have ten times or more the CSS needed to do the job. But I’m one of these people who uses 50k or less CSS where most people use half a flipping megabyte… just like how I use a fraction the markup in most cases.

But with halfwitted idiocy like HTML/CSS frameworks in the mix, nonsense like vue/react making things ten times harder than they need to be, and the general lack of knowledge of the most basic concepts of HTML amongst current developers, it is hardly a surprise that all these extra steps and files and confusing pointless bloat is the accepted norm.

You want to make it easy? Use tags, id’s and classes that say what things ARE, not what they look like. When elements share style you might mass style later, group their selectors together. That way it’s a simple ^F to find anything. Do not go full Pakled with nonsensical idiocy like class=”text-center box-shadow col-3-l col-4-s col-6-xs” since for all intents and purposes you’ve defeated the entire point of CSS being separate from HTML and might as well go back to writing HTML 3.2 like it’s still 1997.

I swear, the people who created these types of frameworks, pre-processors, and other pointless code bloat time wasting steps don’t know enough HTML or CSS to be telling others how to do it. The sheer levels of ignorance and incompetence it takes to see any “benefits” from these systems is mind-blowing.

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