The type of response I'd expect from someone who says they didn't read the whole thing, in the typical TLDR twitter-age half-tweet illiteracy.

Particularly when you failed to notice the word "AS". I'm called in *AS* a consultant to fix sites that have SEO, speed, or accessibility flaws... and this is the type of junk I see in node.js, PHP, and various other server-side languages that has to be ripped out wholesale to actually fix deep rooted issues.

Even if I mistook it for JS since it came up when searching *FOR* JS and since 90%+ of it would work IN JS since they're both C syntax languages, what I said actually still applies. 50 lines of code spread out all over creation is not superior, easier, simpler, or better than 5. Loading the deck by placing else where any competent coder wouldn't place reeks of either card-stacking to make the initial "flawed" code worse, or simply negligence.

But no, you basically had to go "wah wah, wall of text" and then not even comprehend the one part you CLAIM to have read.



Accessibility and Efficiency Consultant, Web Developer, Musician, and just general pain in the arse

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