The problem is that's NOT proper error handling for a http request. What am I supped to do when I want the actual status code? What if I have a successful status code that's not 200 I want to handle?

Or am I the only person who oft leverages status codes rather than wasting time sending data?

How do I monitor the status? You want to send data by the time you build that derpy data object with the BODY property you're already back to as much code as you'd have without the derpy "promise" crap.

It is not an improvement, it's a regression! Worse, it feels -- much like promises themselves -- like it was made for people too stupid to even be working with events or objects. The latter in particular.

I dunno, maybe it's because I started out 40 years ago in RCA 1802 machine language hand assembling my own code. Maybe it's because my first high level language was Pascal not C. Maybe it's because I think Kernighan and Ritchie can go **** themselves because "C is not my favorite programming language"... Maybe it's that decade of working in an actually secure and logical language like Ada...

But so much of this "new" stuff feels like bad ideas from other languages, bad ideas from the derpy halfwit "Framework" idiocy, and just plain bad ideas that were already tried and failed 20-30 years go, all being shoe-horned into JavaScript any-old-way.

But I'm weird, I hate the dip**** daisy chaining of function call/method results that jQuery made hot and trendy and that now goes full Gungan with on promises... typically for things one anonymous function would have LESS overhead and better code clarity for... since 90%+ of what people are throwing them at aren't even events.

And if it's not an event, promises becomes absolute idiotic trash... and for events it offers ZERO real benefits other than crippling what you can do!

I've not seen anything this stupid in an actual language syntax since I tried to wrap my head around Python.

As to Harsh, I'm a back-woods New England yankee. We insult you to your face as we hand you the shirt off our backs. Unlike the rest of the world where they shower you with platitudes, blow smoke up your backside, say they'll pray for you, then not only leave you empty handed, but steal your wallet whilst they're at it.

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