The mistake you made was using the mind-numbingly dumbass HTML/CSS framework in the first place, what with its pissing all over any related markup with endless pointless presentational classes, undoing 20+ years of web development progress and dragging things back to the WORST of HTML 3.2 practices!

Anyone who thinks that Tailwind does ANYTHING of use or value does not know enough about HTML or CSS to write a single blasted line of markup, much less work with CSS and JS.

All it does is make you slop in a giant library, to make you write MORE markup and more style than you'd have without it... That they basically have a class for every joe-blasted property should be a giant warning sign of how STUPID it is.

Because at that point you might as well go back to 1997 writing FONT/CENTER tags, tables for layout, and garbage attributes like bgcolor, color, size, border, and align.

I'll never understand how/why people call systems that result in more code, in the wrong places violating separation of concerns, riddled with bad practices that can lead to specificity hell, can stand around parroting the BALD FACED LIE over how much "easier" it was.

Dunning-Kruger much? But no, it's the new media darling picking up where the asshattery that is bootcrap left off.

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