The biggest problem I usually see with react is people who don't know enough HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to be making websites, using it on public facing WEBSITES, in a manner that doesn't gracefully degrade scripting off or otherwise violates accessibility norms.

Which is why as an accessibility and efficiency consultant every one of my encounters with React has involved ripping it OUT of websites because it tells large swaths of users to go **** themselves.

It is NOT a good way of building public facing websites, and in that environment amounts to nothing more than being another monument to those pesky 3i of web development.

Ignorance, incompetence, and ineptitude.

Just like angular, vue.js, tailwind, bootstrap, and every other dumbass "framework" that violates separation of concerns, doesn't gracefully degrade, and in general makes you vomit up two to ten times the code needed to do the flipping job! (not counting the size of these frameworks against that total)

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