That's not a counterpoint. Billions of people believe in dozens of different fairy tales about a magical genocidal maniac in the sky. Millions of Americans think the orange cheeto-fingered half-tweet throwing them under the bus is the second coming. There are even people who think Miley Cyrus or Billie Eilish can actually sing.

Doesn't make them right. Just means they've fallen for propaganda.

Just as saying their "advantages" outweigh the flaws; I react to that like John Adams does the "benefits" of being part of England in the musical 1776.

Benefits? WHAT benefits? Crippling taxes? Cruel repressions? Abolished rights?


Advantages? WHAT Advantages? Bloated code? INCREASED development time? Greater server load? broken accessibility?

Because every claim of the ease of front-end frameworks IS A BALD FACED LIE! "more efficient and flexible" simply does not apply to this asshattery as they make you write more code, use broken bloated code with a lack of separation of concerns that makes it harder to work with, slop something else to learn on top of basic HTML/CSS that should be learned before you even THINK about using a framework, and on the whole do NOT make things "simpler", or "easier", or "better for collaboration" or whatever other falsehood you want to parrot from the propaganda.

Which is why the people who created/promote it are no different than the snake oil peddlers that run and promote scams like Amway and Mary Kay. Those who fall for it no less of a bunch of marks than those who fall for such pyramid schemes.

And trust me, it's not about "not adapting to trends", it's adapting to a GIANT HUFFING TREND in the form of accessibility lawsuits and fines.

Again, you'd THINK lawsuits like those against Beyonce and Domino's would be a wakeup call... but I've dealt firsthand with people spewing the same lame excuses you are -- people I've had to get fired because of it -- who simply flat out refuse to take responsibility for wrongdoing; do their job as actual work; or adopt the practices needed for accessibility and graceful degradation. The result inexorably being just another fly-by-night sleaze that fails as a startup, or a major organization getting pimp slapped in court.

Ignoring that trend is what's so flipping stupid about things like bootcrap, tailwind, etc, etc. If you flip the bird at basic accessibility minimums by using these dumbass frameworks -- because the peopel who CREATED them flipped off same -- don't be surprised when you get handed a summons if you did so for a business website.

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