Tailwind, and most frameworks like it, don't make a lick of sense. Why?

Because you're basically ignoring the entire point of HTML, the intent of HTML 4 strict / later, and basically writing HTML 3.2! You might as well still have a 4 tranny doctype on it since your practices are "in transition" from 1997 to 1998.

You end up with a lack of separation of presentation from content, slopping screen media layout at ALL media targets. (hence why they can’t even be bothered to set media=”screen” in their link). Worse you end up missing a caching opportunity by writing two to five times the markup needed to do the job.

As I said in the article, there’s little to no difference between:

<div class="text-gray-900 object-top text-4xl">


<center><font color="gray" size="+4"><b>

In mindset, mentality, or methodology… and that’s just part of why I consider HTML/CSS frameworks to be a monument to ignorance, incompetence, and ineptitude.

So on top of the people who created them not using anything remotely resembling semantic markup, the use of classes to piss all over the markup equally pisses on accessibility and caching models.

… and that’s before we talk about how Tailwind’s layouts are utterly banjaxed for users like myself since they willy-nilly mix REM/EM with PX. As such when 1REM != 16px — like on every computer I own — their media queries don’t trigger in the right places, the padding around elements is wrong, the text often blows out of containers, etc, etc, etc.

So even if you use the correct semantics, it’s still a steaming pile of epic /FAIL/ at web development. That’s why when I go into sites as an accessibility consultant, things like bootstrap, tailwind, react, vue, etc, etc, are ALWAYS on the list of things that have to be utterly ripped out and pitched in the trash!

Using classes to say what things should look like — in a manner that should only apply to one media target but does not — is the bleeding edge of 1997 web development, and at that point you might as well go back to using tags like font and center, attributes like color, bgcolor, border, and align, and all those “tables for layout” that framework fans seem to all so dearly miss!

Frameworks are not easier, “better for collaboration”, simpler, or even worth using no matter how many people utterly ignorant of how to use HTML and CSS properly spew BALD FACED LIES about it. Such claims are the marketing blurb that is in no way based in fact or even rational thought… and the ONLY reason they get away with it is they sucker nubes and rubes alike in a manner that establishes survivorship bias, confirmation bias, and cognitive dissonance.

“For people who know nothing about HTML and CSS, BY people who know nothing about HTML and CSS” is no recipe for success!

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