Sorry but your card stacked BS is so ignorant it's ridiculous. Take the cinebench comparisons where you've got thermal throttled apple toys, and ryzen's designed for $600 walmart special laptops.

Maybe if you compare it to bottom end crap, your statement holds... but when the cinebench scores are half what my previous desktop managed, I tend to be skeptical.

Particularly given the larger code, ineffectual caching caused by the orthogonal opcodes, etc, etc...

So ooh look, it's faster than two generation old laptop CPU's and has circles run around it by the bottom end of the ryzen mobile line. SO impressive. NOT.

Seriously, getting trashed by a 4800U shouldn't be impressing anyone; being a mobile chip that performance-wise is on par with a six year old desktop i5.

Which is probably just part of the PC vs. Apple disconnect. You've had outdated toy processors for so long, you think a 7K cinebench score is impressive.

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