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3 min readMay 16, 2023


Sorry, but I've never been much of a fan of gibberish halfwitted fairy tales. You might also be surprised to know I likely know the Bible better than you. Because nothing will make you an atheist faster than reading -- AND COMPREHENDING -- the Bible.

And to be brutally frank I've read better slashfic on fanfiction.net!

Everything I needed to know about the font of stupidity and gullibility that sprang forth from the wellhead of Abraham -- or should we say Sarai? -- can be found in the fact the character that gave us wisdom, begged and pleaded for this "god" assclown to stop torturing some poor rando, and is tasked with punishing the wicked is somehow magically the villain? Meanwhilst we're supposed to be on our knees in praise of a mass murdering gaslighting cruel, vain, fickle, jackass who allows billions to suffer through no wrongdoing of their own? AND THEN have the unmitigated gall to call it love?

As Carlin would say, you want a good bullshit story... HOLY SHIT!

That's not a loving God, that's an abusive narcissistic psychopath! I’ve met drunken abusive ex-husbands more worthy of respect and trust than this so-called “God”

Don't even get me started about his dipshit "son" flogging fig trees for not bearing fruit out of season, animal torture, and of course not being here to bring peace on earth but a sword, to rend families apart, so that "brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death."

I read that someplace... Oh yeah, Matthew 10:21-34 showing this "Jesus" fellow to be a real piece of shit.

Because a loving and forgiving god is the type to tread those who remain beneath his feet in a winepress.

It's almost as if Jesus is an amalgam of three different characters in five different fictions by at least seven different authors. FFS Saul of Tarsus -- aka "Paul" to the gullible faith-{expletive omitted} -- wrote about a Mycenean Greek who was stoned to death in what today is Romania... Which is a very strange way of writing "crucified in Golgotha" That's a hell of a rewrite, but that's what happens when you put together a bunch of creepy old Romans hungry for power together in a room to pick and choose which oral traditions to mash together for the sole purpose of controlling the masses.

Any perceived "good" found in the Bible is as big a lie as the alleged existence of this vicious, cruel, shit-stain of a deity. It is bookends, a whitewash story for an agenda of evil and manipulation. A manifestation of the old adage that the best place to put a lie is between two truths. No matter how often the scam peddling preachers use the words love, tolerance, and enlightenment, all that is peddled form every pulpit is hatred, bigotry, and ignorance. They have just conditioned the gormless masses to not recognize it through slick packaging and exploitation!

It is all founded on lies and fantasy, and nothing good ever came from a lie.

Religion is a mental disorder, and the sooner mankind is done with the gibberish nonsensical fictions utterly detached from reality, the better! The only reason it even continues to be a thing in society is a mix of well proven propaganda techniques like bandwagon, transfer, ritualistic indoctrination, and glittering generalities, mated to an evil manipulation and exploitation of fear and ignorance.

Religions are just bullshit stories devoid of fact or reason. Christianity not being particularly unique in that regard.



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