Or instead of all the screwing around, just stop wasting 50–150k of markup to do 12–24k’s job, half a megabyte of CSS spanning dozens of files to do 48k in one file’s job, and megabytes of scripttardery on websites that don’t even do things that warrant the PRESENCE of JavaScript? How about kicking all the goofy animooted garbage that only impresses five year olds and gets in the way of what’s actually important — DELIVERING CONTENT!

No, wait… that would involve semantic markup, pitching all these halfwitted frameworks in the trash, practicing separation of presentation from content, understanding media targets, leveraging selectors, and a whole host of other ‘best practices’ the mouth-breathers vomiting up websites right now have either never heard of or flat out willfully ignore…

… since most dev’s still just vomit up HTML 3.2 and nowadays instead of slapping 4 tranny atop it, they wrap 5 lip-service around the same bloated, garbage methodologies whilst patting each-other on the back over how “modern” they are.

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