One can only hope these sleazy incompetent dirtbag scams are NOT the "next big thing" given the broken, non-semantic, train wreck laundry lists of how NOT to build a website are the typical result.

Unless of course you want every website to tell users with accessibility needs to go **** themselves.

I just had a client -- I work as an accessibility consultant -- SCREWED straight into court by Gatsby. The typical "eye cans haz teh intarwebs" ignorance, incompetence, and ineptitude these dirtbag shortcuts result in. None of the ones listed seem a lick better with their non-semantic markup, lack of graceful degradation, JS for nothing, JS defeating the point of even making static sites, and overall reek of the CREATORS of these systems not even knowing enough basic HTML or CSS to even be telling others how to make websites in the first damned place!

These are poster children for everything wrong with web development today; Sleazed together by scam artists and know-nothings who really need to do the world a favor, back the **** away from the keyboard, and take up something a bit less detail oriented like macramé... leaving web development to people who actually give a damn about their clients and the users of websites.

But let me tell you what I REALLY think; given this was the watered down and polite response.

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