On your first point, oh FFS, when did they change that? Is this like the VERY recent derpitude of swapping the TFOOT/TBODY order, where this "living document" bullshit just keeps screwing over "what was valid yesterday is invalid today but we call it the same HTML version with no version control to tell us what standard the document was written under"? THIS is why I think the WhatWG was unqualified to create 4 stricts successor.

Well, part of it. You want to know how ****ing stupid the WhatWG's HTML 5 was, look no further than the now dead HGROUP. Proof positive they didn't know enough about HTML to create an HTML specification.

Just as how this "living document" idiocy is bending us all over the table daily.

On your second point, what's wrong with closing <code> for strings, using <dfn> for reserved words, <var> for variables, <del> for comments, and -- joe forbid -- getting all that presentation the *** out of the markup. Even if you wanted to keep mindlessly and idiotically pissing meaningless SPAN into the markup, why not classes to say what things are, then control it from the stylesheet like a good little doobie?

Because if you're going to piss on the markup with style="" you seriously might as well change those span into <font> tags to do it like the HTML 3.2 that everyone seems to so dearly miss. Same as how frameworks are idiotic trash since idiocy like:

<span class="text-green-bold text-lg items-center">

and the outmoded outdated halfwit

<center><font color="green" size="+1"><b>

In terms of mindset and methodology.

Everyone seems so determined through the use of presentational classes and style tags to recreate everything that was wrong with HTML 3.2!

On the third point, that's why I'm not a fan of crapping things like discord into a website where the UI is useless crippled crap. Put in a discord link and open it in the real client, and be done with it instead of pissing megabytes of scripttardery into the page.

Finally a LOT would be different if it were coded properly, since you could be caching much of the appearance across page-loads.

And it's supposed to highlight something as it scrolls? Ah, I see it. Doesn't work in Vivaldi or Chrome here... suspect that has something to do with the sidebar being utterly banjaxed and broken due to the derpy mix of metrics and how REM really is NOT ready for prime time, since it's often broken for users like myself with non-standard metrics reporting 16px when it should be reporting 24 or 32.

That massive long bizzaroland % font-size on BODY almost certainly not helping either. Nor the endless stream of scripting errors its hemorrhaging.

Also likely explains why it scrolls like crap, making the CPU spike through the roof... Odd for something that would/should take very little scripting to implement assuming one were to leverage heading content via DOM walking or data- attributes.

OF course that said side menu when working is accessibility shite, too big to even fit a 4k display, and utterly banjaxed here? Not blowing my skirt up. This is why I HATE fixed elements and/or multiple scrollbars on a page. They're ALWAYS broken trash.

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