On the "language" thing, I'm a New Englandah, that's how we speak. “Yah gaht a freekin' problem wit dat, go bahk tah Stahbuhks!”

That was a joke.

But seriously, that is how we talk and deal with things, we call a turd a turd and don't pussyfoot around it. This "wah wah, somebodies es usin‘ teh harsh wurds" nonsense only mollycoddles the nubes, and lets the predators in our society run roughshod over the rubes.

Hence when two CENSORED F-bombs is "filled with swear words", I can only assume I'm dealing with the type of effete, elitist, white-collar criminal attitude that is dragging our entire industry into the 9th circle of hell.

Either that or I'm just too blue-collar for this s***.

I didn't come up through the college system, since for starters nowhere I could have gotten into at the time (late '80's early '90's) offered ANYTHING I didn't already know from self study. Much less relevant for the future. It was the age of the microcomputer revolution where colleges and their big-iron attitudes were being left in the dust; and those of us who used micro’s were pointing and laughing at the know-nothings with decade out of date knowledge higher education was spitting out.

Attitudes that sadly have returned en-masse, right down to the point where most people's code looks like they're being paid by the K-LoC again!

But then my school system only allowed students who sucked off the administration to go anywhere near the ONE trash-80 model 1 per school, and when they finally got a room full of crApple ][ six years after said machine was even relevant, they didn’t allow students to use them as they were too expensive to risk the kids “damaging” them. Classroom full of computers, not one student was even allowed to enter because “they were expensive”. NOT FREAKING KIDDING!

I’ve been programming for forty years, half that in web technologies, half that specializing in accessibility and efficiency. And I had to do it all myself because nobody ever handed me a blasted thing I needed to be relevant in the workforce. Primary and middle school didn’t offer anything even related to computers, and Colleges had their craniums wedged up the 1970’s rectum with their increasingly irrelevant “mainframes are everything, microcomputers are a fad” bullcookies.

On topic, the biggest flaw with react is that there's no scripting off graceful degradation. For a lot of users that right there is a do not pass go, do not collect $600 in COVID relief.

If the page doesn't work scripting off, it fails under both perceivable or operable. Whist certainly there are things that cannot be done without scripting -- google maps for example -- the vast majority of website functionality has no such excuse.

If your contact forms, site navigation, and simple loading of content doesn't work with client-side scripting blocked, disabled, or otherwise unavailable, you do not have an accessible website.

Which means the moment you do anything that calls react's "components" you've told users with accessibility needs to go plow themselves. Sorry, there's no polite way of saying that; you're flipping them the bird!

As evidenced by React's own website, and the giant blank contentless pages non-scripting users get. Big blank pages a braille reader can't even decipher!

React crapplets CANNOT be accessible — at least for anything that will run in an actual browser — because of the inherent use of client side scripting. Period. If there’s a way around that, I’d love to hear it.

Sure, if you’re building full stack applications with something like Electron, then it’s fine as it HAS to have JavaScript present. That simply is not the case with a public facing website! Page doesn’t work without client-side JS, it’s not accessible. PERIOD!

And it’s not about hating JavaScript; it’s about how quality client-side JavaScript should ENHANCE an already working page, not be the only means of providing functionality. This “but everyone has JavaScript” attitude isn’t just short-sighted, it’s outright ignorant.

That you think such client side scripting failures can be made accessible is one of many things you’ve said that make me question your claims as a whole. Just as:

I have no idea what this “Orbit” or “Smart Beetle” you refer to are

… does.

One really has to question how much you know about accessibility when you don’t even know the top two brands of semi-affordable quality braille readers. (if $500 to $1500 for a cheap plastic case and playskool quality buttons counts as “affordable” or “quality”). You’d probably be astounded if you ever had to deal with a puffer stick, wagger, or TBI.

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