No, the problem with pixel-perfect "layout" is that they are bad design and a giant middle-finger to usability and accessibility, which is why if you're dicking around in pixels you don't know the first blasted thing about front-end development.

They're called EM, use 'em!

This is 2020 if you're thinking in pixels, if what you were handed as a design is in pixels, nobody is thinking.

Anyone wanting a "pixel perfect replica" needing a good swift kick in the groin. If you're that out of date on methodologies -- ones that were NEVER good practice in the first place -- I shudder to think the middle finger to usability the rest of your resultant pages are.

But that's why dirtbag scam-artist trash like figma is no more of a design tool than Photoshop. They're paint programs for pixel pushers who are utterly and totally ignorant of ACTUAL design, because ACTUAL design is engineering that incorporates art, not art unto and of itself.

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