No... just... oh hell no.

Pissing all over the markup with endless pointless classes for nothing is the antithesis of sane and rational development, and to be frank if you're going to use classes to say things like bg-white, text-center, and text-purple you might as well go back to HTML 3.2 with all those FONT and CENTER tags, COLOR, BGCOLOR, SIZE attributes, and tables for layout that all of you so enamored with these dumbass frameworks seem to miss. NONE of that garbage has any business in the markup any time after 1997!

And that's ALL these derpy frameworks do, is drag practices back to the worst of browser-wars era non-semantic trash with ZERO separation of concerns.

There’s a reason I call bootstrap, tailwind, w3.css (W3fools dumbass framework), etc, etc, “Monuments to ignorance, incompetence, and ineptitude”. They seem to exist for the sole purpose of suckering people into thinking this hard to work with trash is somehow magically “Easier” before they learn enough about HTML or CSS to realize how big a bald faced lie every last claim about these derpy frameworks are.

Said frameworks clearly being MADE by people unqualified to write a single blasted line of HTML in the first place.

Hence how you end up with gibberish like this:

<div class="max-w-sm mx-auto flex p-6 bg-white rounded-lg shadow-xl">
<div class="flex-shrink-0">
<img class="h-12 w-12" src="" alt="ChitChat Logo">
<div class="ml-6 pt-1">
<h4 class="text-xl text-gray-900 leading-tight font-bold">ChitChat</h4>
<p class="text-base text-gray-600 leading-normal">You have a new message!</p>

Doing the job of:

<section class="notification">
alt="ChitChat Logo"
<p>You have a new message!</p>

And of course by pissing it all over the markup with classes for every blasted CSS property, you’ve also pissed away caching opportunities.

Don’t even get me STARTED about the accessibility violations caused by the willy-nilly mix-match of PX with dynamic fonts, use of pixel metric fonts, and general reek of ignorance of the most basic of semantic markup that seems be the bread and butter of these train wreck laundry lists of how NOT to build a website.

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