First off you've got a pretty big mistake in your deployed stylesheet.

Do you see it? It should be not the other way around!

But really that’s just a sign of all the things that are “wrong” here that are so typical of what people do in angular. To be frank, it’s suckered you into writing 8k of spaghetti nonsense spread out over 14 separate files you have to precompile server-side, to deploy 1.2 MEGABYTES of code client side wasting 7 files worth of handshakes, to deliver what any sane coder can do in vanilla scripting in probably not even 1.5k in three files.


And we thought the 1990's jokes about visual basic crapplets needing 350k for “hello world” was crazy.

And that’s before we start asking what makes these navigable user-interactable / focusable(buttons), why you have a change in topic in the markup after the heading (hr), etc, etc. It kind of proves something I’ve said for ages, that the people who use these “front end scripted frameworks” don’t know enough HTML or CSS to be using JavaScript to generate either.

The really mind-blowing part is that across all those separate files, you don’t even have proper separation of concerns. And we’re supposed to believe this convoluted, ugly, spaghetti code is somehow magically easier to do things with?!?

But again what can one expect when they keep suckering you into writing XML style pretend HTML that inherently violates all the separations that we’ve been told for 20 years to do. Is the DOM really so hard that the distorted disjointed discombobulated wreck that is Angular is the answer?





DONE. With separation of concerns, proper semantics, proper caching models, and without the nightmarish ****-show that Angular vomits up and has the unmitigated GALL to call client-side code. The most I might add is if I do this to a bunch of other stuff I’d consider adding a “make” function just to streamline the property setting.

Instead it has to slop in endless pointless memory wasting attributes, dupe you into slopping the style into the JavaScript where it has ZERO blasted business being in the first place… It’s just like the HTML/CSS framework trash, where if you REALLY miss all those font / center tags, align / border / bgcolor / color attributes, and tables for layout please, just admit defeat and go back to writing HTML 3.2 as if CSS doesn’t even exist.

React/Angular/Vue are the JavaScript equivalent of such painful mental failings! Why people think any of this needs to be convoluted objects filled with XML, placing style in the server-side code where it has no business being as part of this “component” junk, and that the overall directory structure needs dozens of includes that have hundreds of dependencies… Any claims of ease or simplicity is shamefully deceptive. It’s freaking snake-oil! Dimestore hoodoo, five and ten voodoo!

I don’t think I’ll ever grasp how/why people think chazerei like React, Angular, Vue, etc, etc, do ANYTHING of value. No, it just makes it all more cryptic, harder to work with, harder to maintain, and in general slop out code client side that tells users to “Enjoy your 4.8ghz octo-core Zen 3 performing like a 486DX-33”

I just don’t get it.

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