Methinks we have a different definition of the word “Fantastic” — I’ve always found CSS pre-processors to be an utter and complete waste of time, doing things you either can already do if you understand how to group selectors, decreasing code clarity with the whole mixin rubbish.

The last of those only exacerbated by how it pisses on any attempt to use a document inspector to reverse engineer where/when things go wrong, since the code you’re writing/editing in SASS bears zero resemblance to what’s actually deployed to the UA.

Much like the mind-numbingly dumbass trash that are HTML/CSS frameworks, it reeks more of propaganda exploiting people’s ignorance of how to use web technologies properly, than any form of actual aid in development.

Maybe if you’re one of these developers who wastes 100k of markup to do 10k’s job, 500k of CSS to do 48k (or less’ ) job, and megabytes of “JS for nothing” on websites that might not even warrant the presence of JavaScript for the task at hand, then these types of tools serve a purpose… but in that case you’re trying to treat a wound from a .50BMG with a band aid.

CSS pre-processors, HTML/CSS frameworks, JavaScript frameworks, and all the rest of this hot and trendy nonsense do not make development easier or simpler. They sure as shine-ola don’t “aid in collaboration” or “make things simpler when working in a group” and more often than not what they do — and what people do with them — reeks from top to bottom of not knowing enough about HTML or CSS to be writing either.

At best they’re a salve for apathy and a balm for ignorance. At worst they are an outright scam promoted by people trying to prey upon that ignorance.

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