Laugh being 90%+ of that alleged “semantics” provided by the derpitude that are the new HTML 5 tags is redundant to how you used numbered headings on the page. Just replace FOOTER with a HR at the beginning and done.

“Next level of bloat” is more like it. Joe forbid a search engine assume that anchors on a page — or a list of anchors on a page — are actually navigation. Or that accessibility UA’s and site developers use numbered headings and horizontal rules properly… no, let’s just throw more tags at the problem.

It is to that end I’m still convinced that the WhatWG was unqualified to create 4 Strict’s successor; they quite clearly still had their heads buried in 1990’s style presentational markup and methodologies. See the now defunct HGROUP tag they tried to introduce for a stunning example of how the folks who created HTML 5 didn’t even understand how HTML 4 headings work.

But then neither did most of the jokers who would pair two headings together for title and tagline; utter and complete semantic gibberish!

Don’t even get me started on the opengraph BS the majority of which (basically everything but og:image) is redundant to existing META and the flipping TITLE tag. A situation only made worse by them making up their own blasted dumbass META attribute instead of just using NAME! 100% herpafreakingderp!

But then so much of what’s been introduced over the past decade reeks of a mix of people who still basically want to vomit up HTML 3.2 style methodology having a meeting of the minds with the “microformat” wankers. Take idiocy like ASIDE which ends up most of the time being used in as presentational a manner as the long deprecated CENTER tag… or idiocy like ARIA roles bloating out a page with excess data not one legitimate UA has any reason to give a flying purple fish about.

What happened to reducing and simplifying the specification to put the emphasis on content and structure? Oh that’s right, most people never understood it, kept crapping out 3.2 and calling it 4 tranny, and never once embraced the actual concepts of 4 Strict and proper semantics.

That said, CSS grids rock. This is something that should have been part of CSS from day flipping one! In a lot of cases it makes flex look like a toy, and in other cases it makes flex look needlessly and aggravatingly over-complicated.

In particular the ability to re-arrange elements in the source-order to any screen layout gives you the best of non-screen media accessibility and structural design with any visual layout you could ever even think of. Now if we could just get people to stop crapping it into pages with STYLE tags and attributes where really appearance has zero business even being.

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