Just more train wreck laundry lists of how NOT to build websites, each of them being a special kind of special -- in the same way some Olympics are "special".

From overuse of !important, to willy-nilly mixing and matching %/em/px, to pissing on accessibility norms by using px, to the king of all of them -- slopping presentation into the markup because y'all so clearly and dearly miss HTML 3.2 with your tables for layout, center/font tags, and presentational classes.

If you are using your classes to say what things look like, you are basically undoing 22 years of progress. That's why I call bootstrap "bootcrap" as you need to go find a stick to scrape it off with before tracking it all over the Internet's carpets. These steaming piles of dung all have the same failings in that they promote ignorance of semantics and piss on the reason HTML and CSS is separate from so on-high you'd think the almighty just got back from a kegger.

I cannot fathom how any sane and rational adult believes this bull apart from simply not knowing enough HTML or CSS to even have a valid opinion on the topic! They just add more to learn on top, or worse prevent people from ever learning to do it right in the first place. You’re using classes to recreate what HTML 4 Strict and CSS were created to make us STOP DOING!!!

Seriously, these are NOT easier, or simpler, or "better for collaboration" and I'm sick to death of these BALD FACED LIES being parroted by people who clearly aren't qualified to write a single blasted line of HTML, much less CSS!

These are all at best monuments to ignorance, incompetence, and ineptitude. At worst they are scams designed to prey upon nubes, rubes, and those who refuse to even consider that the propaganda is nothing more than snake oil.

But let me tell you what I REALLY think. This is the watered down version.

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