Just a few things you might want to add:

1) Not one legitimate UA gives a flying purple fish about AUTHOR or COPYRIGHT, so for all intents and purposes they're just pointless code bloat. You want ot track that ***, do it server-side.

2) The charset META should be the first thing in HEAD, or at minimum be before any content-bearing elements like TITLE or content="". Otherwise the browser will have to start over again from the beginning of the document reparsing to make sure it didn't miss anything.

3) On Robots there is NO SUCH THING as "follow" or "index". You want it followed or index, you don't say anything.

4) Keywords actually still works, you just have to use it properly. The reason so many people think it doesn't work is they blindly stuff it full of sentences and hrases that have zero content relevance.

It should be seven or eight single words (or proper names) comma delimited that EXIST INSIDE <BODY> AS TEXT!!! You do that, you still get the uprank. It's called keywords. Not keyphrases, not keysentences, but keyWORDS!!!

You vary from the reason it exists, to mark seven or eight words FROM YOUR CONTENT for an uprank, well... don't be surprised when it doesn't work!

Overall though, excellent summary.

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