I've been programming for 40 years, I can hand assemble my own machine language for the RCA 1802, Zilog Z80, or Motorola 6809. I've written everything from Ada to Z Notation...

And I'd fail to be able to answer more than two of these. Not because I couldn't do them, but because I flat out fail to see the utility of them and/or do not even understand the question as asked.

Seriously, without that example box on the first one, if you handed me JUST the text above, I'd have no clue what's being asked. Why? You don't say "missing from WHAT?!?" What "range"?!?

I mean I know the test, whatever's missing between the first and last assuming they're in order (which in and of itself is a stupid assumption)... but these types of artificial tests always piss me off because they fail to explain what actually needs to be done sufficiently.

Probably why "career educators" and I get along like sodium and water.

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