It's become laughably pathetic how places not even a year old will slop that up there now. It used to be the "established" was used to imply legacy and reliability. If you say "Established 2019" how the blazes does that create the bond of trust that saying "We've been around for 50 years" establishes?

Oh look, you've been in business for a year, lah-dee-dah!

If anything, it does more harm than good.

Reminds me of the mom and pop white-box computer stores where they advertise "Our staff has over 30 years combined experience" -- when I could double that just by walking in the door. 30 years experience? Awesome. COMBINED experience? Well, means dick if you've got 15 employees.

But certain words people get conditioned to pay attention to, and other words go ignored. It's all part of propaganda techniques and how easy it is to manipulate the masses.

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