Is this piece supposed to be a work of parody? Sarcasm?

Because it seems like the "evil" at the start is the simple normal use, and you then go on to show how painfully, ridiculously, and to be frank idiotically DUMBASS you can make it with derpitude like SASS/SCSS.

Because how DARE you have separation of concerns, and use semantic markup... no, let's just piss it all into the JavaScript where it vomits up a broken inaccessible mess.

Like everything involving React.. or vue... or angular,... or front end "frameworks' in general"... Where it's painfully and agonizingly apparent the people who CREATED it didn't know enough about HTML or CSS to be working with JavaScript in the first place.

To the point that by putting it ALL into the scripting with this "components" junk you're basically recreating everything that was WRONG with HTML 3.2 and why many tags and attributes were deprecated in 4 Strict!

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