Interesting take on it, but sadly far too much of what you are doing — even modals and their animations/behaviors— should be NONE of JavaScript's flipping business… at least in any new codebase written within the past eight to ten years.

Part of why idiotic trash like React/vue/angular and every last blasted front-end framework are nothing more than monuments to ignorance, incompetence, and ineptitude.

You end up writing two to ten times the code needed making things as complex, convoluted, and painful to create/maintain as possible. Which is why the people running around claiming these nonsensical steaming piles of trash are somehow magically “Easier” or “simpler” or “better” than vanilla code are flapping their arse-cheeks in the wind.

It is painfully apparent that both the fans and the CREATORS of such systems — as well as those throwing JavaScript at everything — never once learned enough HTML or CSS to create these “frameworks” or to even write a single blasted line of JavaScript; much less tell others how to make websites.

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