In America it's a legitimate problem, as the number of ghost guns goes up, particularly in pistols.

Most stiker fired guns -- glocks, the CZ-P10, Sig P320, etc -- use polymer lowers.

And polymer is just a big fancy science word for plastic... that is used by marketers so they don't have to say "plastic' which oft has a negative connotation. Much like other marketing bullshit like "alloy" without saying what metals. "alloy rims" -- do they mean aluminum alloy? FFS they could be bronze and still be 'alloy".

Anyhow the difference between 3d printed plastic and what's used in a "polymer" reciever is pretty much jack. Especially if you use photo-resin printing where the bond between layers is stronger.

... and those printers can be had for as little as $300. When all the parts that actually have to be strong are "just parts" and in no way regulated for sale, the ability to just print the lower is... it's a problem.

A problem caused by meaningless ineffective laws passed by politcians to make people THINK something is being done about the problem, when in point of fact it's about as effective as the mental masturbation that is "thoughts and prayers".



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