I'll be honest with you, I have no clue what 90%+ of what you just said even means. Much less whiskey tango foxtrot HTML has to do with it...

...or what that bizzaroland mix of made up tags and attributes would even be for, other than mixing and matching html and javascript like the react and vue crap I'm always having to rip out of client's websites.

But then when people talk about "declarative programming" or "functional programming" or things being "imperitive" other such "programming paradigms" I gloss over in disbelief at the "useless outside the classroom" pedantry.

Honestly, all this "proactive" programming model BS strikes me as a waste of time, effort, and to be frank rots the brain. In point of fact, it's the type of time-wasting Knuth was REALLY talking about with his "premature optimization" quote. (as opposed to all thing things people throw that phrase at which have nothing to do with it)

"Wait, proactive and paradigm? Aren't those just buzzwords that stupid people use to sound smart? Not that I'm accusing you of that" -- The Simpsons

Seriously though, all this crap just seems to exist for programmers to sit around circle-jerking each-other whilst making the simplest of tasks as difficult as possible.

Which is how we end up with know-nothings vomiting up 100k or more of HTML to do 16k's job, half a megabyte of CSS in a dozen files to do 48k or less in one files job, and megabytes of scripttardery in dozens of files on sites that probably need 10k or less of the stuff -- IF ANY -- if you care in the slightest about accessibility.

Just like the multi-megabyte train-wrecks on the back end doing dozens of k of code's job... but at least everyone gets to wank each other off over how "modern" they are.

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