I wouldn't even go so far as to call them training wheels. My own painful encounters working with "Frameworks" boils down to them being for people who know nothing about programming, BY people who know nothing but programming.

Simply put, the people who think that frameworks are "easier" or "better for collaboration" or "better for enterprise level projects" in most cases simply don't know enough about the underlying languages to flap their yap on the topic. That's why they prey on the ignorant with propaganda based glittering generalities.

Nowhere is this more true -- at least in my experience -- than on the front end. Hence my article referring to them as “Monuments to Ignorance, Incompetence, and Ineptitude”.

The biggest problem remains that the propaganda says “easier” or some variant of same, further reinforcing the notion that the underlying processes are hard, complex, or confusing. They’re not! As such those who use them NEVER take the time to learn if they’ve been lied to or not. It helps establish both confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance, to the point that with most if not many developers when you try to show them an easier way, they go full whackjob with the lame excuses parroting the propaganda like cut-rate cultists.

… and they certainly do behave cult-like in their little echo-chambers of like-minded head-bobbers. The notion that just using the vanilla languages straight could actually be faster, or easier, or simpler is so utterly alien to them, it actually triggers a defensive response.

Hence why their responses to having their nonsense contested ends up the same tired old lame excuses. The bandwagon fallacy, testimonial, quoting an “authority”, and dozens of “glittering generalities” without actually presenting a single usage case in which their claims actually hold water.

It’s almost like their mother never said “If all the other lemmings go running off the cliff”

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