I was going to rip this article a new hole as I feel like you're being pedantic, but your final paragraph got it a clap.

Honestly I feel that leadership and engineering principles are two things utterly missing in development today, and on the whole version control software -- ANY of it -- has been a significant contributor to that.

Whilst a useful tool, like many tools developers and organizations have become so reliant upon it that basic management skills have been pitched in the dumpster. As an accessibility and efficiency consultant I see it all the time, where projects end up ten times larger than need be because "project managers" aren't riding herd on the dev's, and aren't actually supervising a blasted thing. The end result is dev's mindlessly adding code without any actual peer review, any oversight, and zero accountability... hence how we end up with web dev projects that thanks to this "just commit and copypasta" mentality -- alongside the mind-numbing idiocy that are frameworks -- end up using two to twenty times the code needed, and end up HARDER to maintain in the long term no matter how much some "tool" is "helping".

The past 30 years I've watched project managers go from actually managing code, performing code audits, and being the ONLY one responsible for final merges and commits, to spending half the day in pointless meetings spewing "bullshit bingo" and the other half playing farmville or whatever other time-waster is popular at the moment.

The lack of basic engineering principles -- over-provisioning, ACTUAL specifications (Sorry W3C, but to call HTML 5 a "specification" is an insult to the word), and simple ethics and accountability -- has led to absolute garbage practices and bloated code being the norm.

Particularly as certain languages seem to now WANT to be more cryptic than assembly. (Yes JavaScript, I'm looking at you and your derpy LET/CONST and equally mentally enfeebled arrow functions)

A likely contributor to why database tasks I once handled on 486 DX/50's in 8 megs of RAM with EISA SCSI 2 drives now choke out multi-core Xeons with gigabytes of memory and storage that's a hundred times faster.

The entire process of writing even the simplest of tasks has become a mountain of garbage because people spend more time dicking around with fancy editors, dicking around with CVS, and dicking around with all sorts of off the shelf "framework" crap they don't even understand, than they do writing actual quality code. Having managers with an utter lack of leadership skills who aren't down there in the trenches with the rank-and-file sure as shine-ola isn't helping that.

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