I still say that var is superior to let/const since it has less overhead, and in 40+ years of programming I've always found block-level over-scoping to be obtuse, addle-minded, and pedantic.

And it's REALLY dumbass when you see LET right after a function is opened, given the extra overhead and garbage collection junk it introduces. Seriously, if function/method level scoping is insufficient, learn to program.

The part about strings being single quote vs. double quote is pure malarkey in JAVASCRIPT. Mind you, in other languages there's a difference, BUT

1) It makes no difference in JavaScript from a performance standpoint, as they operate the same.

2) single quotes are invalid in JSON.

The latter being why I've been breaking myself of the habit of using single quotes when viable.

As to interpolation vs. concatenation, given the extra processing overhead for the former, and the general LACK of clarity of the latter, I prefer interpolation... though when possible in most languages I prefer delimits over addition. Shame JS kind of sucks for that on everything except console commands.

Seriously, if you find:

"test {something} now"

To be magically clearer in syntax than:

"test " + something + " else"

Well, let's just say we have differing definitions of code clarity.

But what do I know? I consider arrow functions to be annoyingly and painfully cryptic crap used by TLDR mouth-breathers screaming "wah wah, eye dunz wunna tiep teh wurd funtzion!"

And given that horizontal alignment for code clarity has spent decades as a respectable and common sense practice, and that any excess on deployment can be minified or gzipped out... whatChuTalkinBoutWillis?

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