I should like TypeScript over JavaScript. I come from a background of Pascal, Modula 2, and most importantly Ada. I spent over a decade working in Ada and still would be if it were still in demand. All said languages being strictly typed to the point that most "common errors" you make in other languages cannot even make it past the compiler.

But to me, typescript is just wrong; it's a solution in search of a problem, and the delusion that it offers any legitimate improvements seems rooted in the same propaganda driven wishful thinking that lets other nonsensical rubbish (front end frameworks for example) continue to sucker in nubes and rubes alike.

JavaScript is enough of a train wreck without layering more crap atop it. This is most obviously seen in how most typescript code BEFORE it is even "compiled" to JavaScript is two to ten times what it would have been without it. The alleged "Safety" mechanisms being more fiction than fact, and any claims of it being "better" amounting to little more than bald faced lies.

NOT that "react" is any better, which is why I'd sooner suck the business end of a half-inch gas-expansion lead pellet projector than work with EITHER of the code samples provided at the top of this article.

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