I oft have my common sense tingle (it's a superpower) when I see an article like this filled with words that don't actually say anything of value. In particular claims without code or sample pages by which to back them.

Like the SEO friendly claim. Given that react based code is almost always a middle finger to usability, accessibility, AND SEO, it's kind of a BS notion. (just like the dumbass trash that is React itself). It's a glittering generality you provided zero facts to support.

All of these frameworks and sleazy shortcuts -- next.js, react, vue.js, angular, jquery, bootcrap, tailwind, etc, etc, etc -- seem to be built in utter and complete ignorance of how to use HTML, CSS, or even JS properly; a hefty chunk of why I cannot understand their popularity much less where their creators get the unmitigated GALL to tell other people how to build websites.

Do you have any actual examples of something built with this trash that isn't a giant middle finger to accessibility, usability, or search? I've never seen one. All I've ever seen is broken junk half-assed code slopped together any old way, mated to marketspeak double-talk, BS bingo, propaganda, and all the other techniques for taking advantage of people who just don't know any better.

As evidenced by the s***-show of broken sites (like Hulu) in their "showcase". They're all ten times the code needed to do the job mated to a giant "screw you" to users with accessibility needs. And for what, the unfounded paranoid whackjob "But teh pageluds r teh evuls?!?" and endless pointless client-side scripttardery that pisses on UX?

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