I half expected the entire article to be easily summed up as “It’s a laundry list of how not to use HTML, CSS, or JavaScript properly and in core functionality provided it attempts to undo the 21 years of progress made since HTML 4 Strict was released”

Since that’s MY experience with React, Angular, Vue, Bootstrap, jQuery, and pretty much anything else involving the front-end with the word “framework” involved. Hence why my freelancing / consulting for sites dragged into court for accessibility failings usually boils down to one of these train wrecks of developer ineptitude being at fault; hence having to rip such trash out by the nertz so as to drag the website or application back into being speedy, easy to maintain, light on code, using good practices, and JOE FORBID actually meet accessibility minimums. Hence often I have to tell clients to pitch the entire mess in the trash and start over, because some derp unqualified to write a single line of HTML has slopped crap together with halfwitted incompetence using frameworks like react!

When people talk abou the “pros” or “benefits” of these systems, I sit there like John Adams being told the benefits of being part of Great Britain. Benefits? WHAT BENEFITS?!? Non-semantic markup? Client-side scripting doing stuff that has zero damned business being client-side? Utter and complete lack of separation of concerns? JavaScript doing CSS’ job. JavaScript doing HTML’s job? Presentational classes used so heavily you might as well go back to 1997 using FONT and CENTER tags with TABLE for layout?

/FAIL/ at web development.

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