HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with PHP or node.js for the back end.

I do not use these garbage frameworks because they are more to waste time learning, provide ZERO benefit in terms of ease of use, ease of maintenance, code size, or code clarity.

From the halfwit dumbass trash of presentational classes that power html/css frameworks:

To how the broken use of px metrics tells large swaths of users to go plow themselves:

To how 99%+ of the stuff I see done with trash like react, vue, angular, jquery and so forth ALL falls into one of three categories:

1) Stuff that could be the same or even less code without the framework -- NOT counting the framework size against it.

2) Things that HTML and CSS don't need javascript for in the first blasted place.

3) Things that have ZERO blasted business on a website if you give a damn about usability, accessibility, sustainability, maintainability. Makes one question the abilities of the people who use this trash by choice.

EVERY single claim of "ease" or "faster to build" or "faster running" for ANY of these derpy "frameworks" is a BALD FACED LIE!

It's why HTML/CSS frameworks like bootcrap, arsebreeze, etc, etc are:

And why JS and most back-end frameworks are no different. They are almost always CREATED by people unqualified to write a single damned line of HTML/CSS/JS, much less have the unmitigated GALL to tell others how to do so.

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