Horrifyingly bad use of the horrifyingly bad ASIDE tag. You don't even have a MAIN, how can you have content that is an aside -- content that supports and is related to main, but main makes sense without -- without a MAIN?

I swear, the way people use ASIDE it ends up as presentational and non-semantic as CENTER was! You've literally recreated the mindset and mentality of the CENTER tag or the ALIGN attribute. (just like how all those dumbass "frameworks" do so with classes)

That's as nonsensical as using a SPAN to do H1's job, or using a H1 for H2's job, or using a H3 without an H2 for it to mark the start of a subsection of, or pairing two headings of different depths just because it's text in different sizes instead of treating it as the single heading it should be!

Don't even get me STARTED about the mixing of PX and EM, the lack of placeholder anchors and list in the footer for those socials (so who knows what happens when the proper semantics get added), the lack of media targets on the stylesheet LINK so you're derping your screen layout to "all", or how in this case BODY could have been a perfectly good grid container.

... and you're loading poppins, WTF aren't you using it?!? You've then got that massive re-re font stack instead of using the perfectly good webfont you're loading!

All adding up to why your media queries are broken here since you've gone and put your peanut butter in manure instead of chocolate. I'm a large font user, the AUDIENCE for EM's and your mix and match of the metrics is screwing with that.

Mixing EM fonts with PX media queries? /FAIL/ hard at using EM.

And of course I’d punch myself in the face before deploying a 1.19mb background image.

Apologies if that comes across as harsh, but it's the truth of the matter. Your HTML gets failing grades at basic semantics, and both the markup and CSS fail to pass muster from an accessibility standpoint!

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