Honestly to me? This reeks of a failure to grasp why HTML exists, what it is for, and worst of all, basically recreates everything that was wrong with HTML 3.2 and browser-wars era presentational markup.

The same broken mental midgetry that makes HTML/CSS frameworks be -- as one of my articles says -- a monument to developer ignorance, incompetence, and ineptitude!


"Sidebar' is a presentational concept. "container" is uselessly vague and basically DIV's job. (It's bad enough section/article). Saying how many columns, or even just the CONCEPT of columns and rows is presentation.

In other words, you might as well go back to using FONT, CENTER, ALIGN, BORDER, and those TABLE for layout you so dearly seem to miss! You have pissed away anything remotely resembling semantic markup, and failed to divine HTML's perfect.

Semantic markup is based upon professional writing norms. Your tags should say what things ARE structurally/grammatically because HTML is for MORE THAN JUST SIGHTED USERS.

If you are choosing ANY of your tags based on default appearance, layout wants, etc, etc -- with the exception of DIV/SPAN -- you have utterly failed to grasp what HTML is even for. Hence tags that exist just for such reasons -- or using classes for the same thing -- violates everything HTML is even FOR!

You are literally dragging things back to the words of PRE-strict standards. You might as well throw a transitional doctype on it, as you're in transition from 1997 to 1998 practices. JUST like such mind-numbingly broken derpitude as bootcrap/tailwind/w3.css/etc, etc.


Oh for the days when EMBED and APPLET were rejected, and IMG was being considered to be axed as redundant to object. No, HTML 5 accepts EMBED and then pisses in AUDIO/VIDEO for NOTHING because the WhatWG basically ignored that 4 Strict existed or what it was trying to do.

It's bad enough the pointless redundancies of HTML 5 like MAIN (redundant to first H2 or HR on page), SECTION (redundant to any H2 or higher numbered/lower ordered hading and/or HR), HEADER (redundant to everything between the H1 and the first H2/HR), or the outright moronic "ASIDE" that the way most people use it, it might as well be as "semantic" as the CENTER tag was...

Classic example of what happens when people don't understand what semantic markup is, why you should use it, and why HTML even has predefined tags in the first place.

It's bad enough of a s***-show where at least a dozen tags and an equal number of attributes need to be stricken, without pissing in tags like container/row/col. At that point, seriously, just admit defeat and go back to writing "tables for layout"!

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