Honestly it's all crap when everything you compared -- from derpy "JS is the only way my page can load basic content" to the mind-numbingly dumbass incompetent halfwitted BS that is bootcrap -- because they're ALL walking talking WCAG violations.

... and typically result in two to ten times the code needed to do the job. That's the REAL laugh of how dumbass SPA's are, is that they often take more code and more time and result in a worse user experience than competently written HTML with proper semantics, logical document structure, down-tree dependencies, and separation of presentation from content.

That's why these derpy megabyte sized pages are such utter trash.

MAYBE if people stopped wasting 100 to 200k of HTML to do 16 to 24k's job, half a megabyte of CSS in a half dozen files to do 32k in one file's job, and multiple megabytes of scripttardery spread out over several dozen files, they wouldn't be diving for these types of goofy, broken, unreliable, needlessly complex, and ultimately pointless sleazebag tricks!

But no, that might actually mean people learning HTML and CSS, or even scarier? Taking HTML seriously. HEAVEN FORBID!!!

Don't believe me? View source the syntax page for "Marko" and stare in amazement at the 1990's era use of the style attribute, utter and complete lack of anything resembling proper semantics or separation of concerns, invalid syntax (such as quotes not being optional since 1997), and a general reek of not knowing enough about HTML or CSS to be coding a website in the first place, much less telling others how to do so. Hence the 120k of markup doing around 24 to 28k's job, 66k of CSS leaving one wondering what the *** all the inlined CSS and/or external CSS is even for, and the 2.2 megabytes of "JS for nothing" since the ONLY thing on the page that seems to warrant the presence of scripting is the dumbass chat client.

/FAIL/ at web development, and that's a simple content driven site. Joe help you when it comes to the SPA BS.

But I've said it for over a decade, the majority of websites can run as fast and smooth if not faster and smoother as ajaxing in everything if people would just learn the most basic parts of HTML, CSS, and why they are separate from each-other!

But no, have to waste megabytes of code on delivering double digit kilobytes of plaintext, and piss all over the markup with presentation destroying any chance at leveraging cache in a useful manner.

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