Honestly, I’m sick of the framework fanboys calling it “re-inventing the wheel” when the frameworks more often than not are the ones doing so… by creating systems that do what the underlying language does and introducing not just unnecessary overhead. Worst of all — and this seems the point of your article — they are bypassing the essential understanding of how anything actually works. This means that a common failing amongst framework fanboys is an inability to tell if the framework is even any good or not.

jQuery used to be the king of this, where EVERYTHING I’ve ever seen built with it falls into one of three categories:

  1. Things that would be simpler and less code WITHOUT jQuery. (not counting the size of jQuery itself against that total)
  2. Things that are HTML or CSS’ flipping job and don’t warrant the presence of any JavaScript
  3. Goofy garbage that has no business on a website in the first place, or is redundant to what should be handled server-side!

That last one being an annoyance given such trash often opens up XSS holes.

There’s a reason I wrote a filk of “No vaseline” that replaces Easy-E with John Resig.

But JS frameworks cannot hold a candle to the mind-numbingly dumbass mental enfeeblement that are HTML/CSS frameworks. It is PAINFULLY apparent that the people who create systems like bootcrap or w3.css are unqualified to write a single blasted line of HTML, much less have the unmitigated gall to tell others how to do so. The lack of semantics, placement of presentation back in the markup like they sorely miss HTML 3.2 and/or 4 tranny utterly ignorant of WHY tags and attributes — like FONT, CENTER, ALIGN, BGCOLOR, BORDER — were stricken from HTML in the first huffing place!

Seriously, if you go look at any of bootstrap’s “examples” and view-source, and do not recoil in horror at the outright ineptly built markup, you’re not qualified to even flap your bloody yap on the topic of web development!

All these stupid frameworks seem to exist solely as a monument to the stupidity of the average developer. They make you work harder, not smarter, and in the process flip the bird at usability, accessibility, maintainability, and bespeaks to an utter lack of ability on the part of those using them.

The real burn of it all being the bald faced LIES about how much “easier” or “simpler” or “better for collaboration” this trash is. Again, clear evidence that the people who create and use these systems aren’t qualified to write a single blasted line of HTML; they wouldn’t know proper semantics or logical document structure if it bit them in the arse.

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