Getting tired of people calling code clarity "Syntactic sugar" -- and then promoting painfully and aggravatingly cryptic garbage as something good. The lack of "arguments" -- rather than just making it more array-like -- for the use of the equally painfully cryptic "rest operator" trash REALLY doesn't blow my skirt up.

Much less the idea that they don't hoist so you can't use them in their declared scope forcing a code-order that might not make sense, possibly declaring them every time they are used (aka what makes anonymous you use more than once bad)...

I just don't get the appeal much less practical use of this utter and total junk. It reeks of the "Wah wah, teh wurds es teh two lungs" TLDR twitter-generation mouth-breather nonsense that won't rest until JavaScript looks like brainf***. Are you familiar with the brainf*** programming language? Because that SEEMS to be what everyone wants JS to be now.

It's bad when the current generation of programming "advances" seems to want to make this all more cryptic, convoluted, harder to follow and harder to use than assembly.

... and as someone who used to hand assemble their own machine language and enter it 8 bits at a time on toggle switches, for ME to be saying "this is too cryptic"? Yeah.

Garbage like this kind of defeats the point of even having high level languages.

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