Far too many things now "aren't for me" as they violate the most basic rule of programming I learned in the late '70's as a pre-teen.

The less code you use, the less there is to break.

I keep seeing article after article of people making this vague -- and to be brutally frank ignorant -- claims of how many traditional structures are "difficult to extend" or "single responsibility"... and in most every blasted case they've got if/else doing switch/case's job mated to two to ten times the code needed to do the flipping job!

Which ends up as mind-numbingly dumbass as the monuments to stupidity that makes up most front-end frameworks. It's the same herp, just a different derp!

I'll never understand how people think that bloated, convoluted, complex handlers -- like this dispatcher thing -- makes ANYTHING simpler, easier, or better. It is the exact opposite of all of those things, and a poster child for the type of stuff I go around having to rip out of clients websites and applications.

Since my day job is helping companies in legal trouble for failing to meet accessibility minimums or those tanking due to bad coding practices.

... and right now, a LOT of overthought, overcomplicated, outright horrifically bad ideas are being promoted as the greatest thing since latex replaced sheep intestines in the manufacture of condoms.

Typically because everyone seems to think the answer to every problem is to just blindly throw more code at it.

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